Jim and Hannah

Jim was a short boy, and his height always troubled him. Reaching his full height of 5’3″ by age 17, he was always looking up to people and he never got the confidence to approach a girl. He was always shy and bookish. His little sister, Hannah, was the complete opposite of him. Hannah reached Jim’s height by age 13. Hannah was a natural athlete and she was far more outgoing than Jim.

Jim was uneasy about his little sister’s height, and he tried to stretch himself out every morning and looked at several home remedies for getting taller. He wore shoes with thick soles whenever he was next to Hannah, and tried to stand on his tippy-toes to still seem like the bigger sibling.

It was no surprise that none of that worked. Hannah continued to shoot up and stun everyone. By age 14, she was 5’6″, and the height difference between the two siblings was quite visible. Still, she had a great attitude about it and never embarrassed Jim or gave him a hard time. That didn’t stop Jim from feeling inferior though. He constantly wished that he would have a second growth spurt and that his sister would stop growing.

By age 15, Hannah was 5’9″, a full head taller than Jim! Now entering high school, she was one of the most popular girls in school as a freshman. Meanwhile, Jim was struggling in his first year of community college. His lack of self-esteem was affecting his ability focus on his coursework. Every day he came home to stare at his little sister’s neck. Throughout the year it grew further and further out of his reach – she ended the school year at a whopping 5’11”! Hannah hadn’t realized what she was doing to Jim yet. She continued to dominate her athletics class and earned a spot on next year’s swimming team. She spent the summer at a statewide swimming camp for three months.

Jim was given the task of picking Hannah back up from the camp. He drove down to the swimming facility and waited for Hannah to come out. After waiting for a bit, out of the doors came a beautiful woman donning stylish sunglasses. She was strikingly tall, well-built, and had a sexy figure. She was wearing a tank-top that was fully stretched out and a pair of short jeans-shorts. Jim was amazed by this goddess. She walked closer and closer and Jim was starstruck as he gazed, mouth-open and chin-up as she came right next to him. His face was in line with her large breasts, struggling to stay in inside the small tank top.

“Well”, she said, “are you just gonna stand there or are we going home now?”. The woman removed her sunglasses and Jim realized that it was Hannah!

“Hannah?!?” asked a befuddled Jim. The woman before him was nothing like the girl that had gone to summer camp. The Hannah he knew was tall, but she was thin and flat. To say that the woman in front of him was fit would be a vast understatement. Both her arms and legs were larger than Jim’s in circumference and had some definition. And since when did Hannah have boobs?! He stared at this amazon before realizing that he had kept his mouth open for too long.

Hannah giggled. “Easy there big brother, I know I’ve gotten even taller – I’m 6’1″ now. I’ll tell you all about camp on the way home.” She got in the car and adjusted the seat back so she could get more legroom. “Now get in the car and drive me home. I’m dying to get back to my room!”. As we drove home, Jim couldn’t help but sneak glances at Hannah’s new figure. Her thighs were massive and her boobs hung perfectly from her taut body. Hannah noticed, and smiled. Till now, Jim had only been upset as the difference between his height and Hannah’s. Now, he was starting to look at his sister as an intimidatingly sexy woman.

A few weeks later, they celebrated Hannah’s 16th birthday. Hannah’s mom and dad got their “little girl” a weight-training set that she had been asking for. In addition to that, Hannah started taking Jim’s car out more often now that she had her driver’s license. Jim was so in awe of his little sister that he agreed to let her drop him off and pick him up from his community college like a little boy. Each day he felt emasculated by his little sister, and it was starting to turn him on more day by day. He wanted nothing more than to be dominated by his little sister.

Jim knew that his obsession was getting out of hand. He started jacking off to the thought of his tall, powerful sister. He felt so ashamed, but he couldn’t help that he was living with one of the most beautiful women he’d seen. A few months later, Hannah was getting ready to go to the homecoming dance. Jim was in his room when he heard a knock on his door.

He couldn’t have been prepared for what came next. As the door opened, he found himself looking up to a large pair of breasts in a tight purple dress.

“Jimmy?”, asked Hannah. “Could you help zip me up?”. Hannah had never called him ‘Jimmy’ before, but lately she had begun to realize her position in the household. She started calling him her little brother and patted his head very frequently. She was wearing 3″ heels that brought her height to a towering 6’4″, more than a full foot over her ‘big’ brother.

“Y-y-yeah sure.” Jim gulped. With a knowing smile on her face, Hannah turned around and Jim found a muscular and feminine ass in his chest and a broad back rippling with muscles above him. He had to stand on his tippy-toes, but he was able to finally zip up the dress.

“Thanks Jimmy. Now why don’t you go back in your room and jerk off to me.”

Jim was terrified. Had his secret been found out? How did his little sister get so bold?

“W-w-what? I-I don’t jerk–”

“Don’t lie to me, Jimmy. Even now, you have a boner, don’t you?” Hannah smiled and started to move in, pushing me back. He was suddenly up against a wall, and Hannah put both of her hands out, trapping him. She pulled her thigh up, gently rubbing against his pants.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me little boy. Looks like your little soldier is all excited.” With that she winked and walked out.

Needless to say, Jim spent the next few hours jerking off to his little sister. He knew that he would be her bitch for the rest of his life.



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